Not yr local diner's chocolate syrup

So for years, folks have been asking me if I make chocolate syrup. As with most things I am a strong advocate for Do-It-Yourself. Also making this syrup have long term shelf stability is a bit difficult, so it's better to just make it fresh (I will def have some available at our brick-and-mortar).

With the current political + environmental climate we really need to all figure out how to do things ourselves. This very reason is why I got into making my own chocolate almost four years ago: what happens if the supply chain collapses and we no longer have access to chocolate, coffee, tea, salt, sugar, etc?? My solution has been to direct routes of obtaining a supply of cacao and how to efficiently make it into chocolate in my kitchen (things got pretty messy in the beginning). Developing these relationships with farmers NOW is very important: I push you to make them yourself <3

All that being said, making chocolate syrup is easy. Making the ingredients that go into it: not so much, but fortunately my cousin and I have made a rustic form of cacao powder (using an analog cold-press to extract cocoa butter for our chocolate). We are calling this powder "rustic" because it is a little bit different than cocoa powder you might be used to: it is higher in cocoa butter and a bit more granular and freaking heavenly. This pow smells and tastes like freshly baked brownies (and makes fantastic brownies)

So on to our chocolate syrup! In January, Berben + Wolff's in Troy invited us to do a Chocolate Mylkshake Pop-up. We got custom dairy free gelato made by Second Scoop Gelato, made our own whipcream and came up with this chocolate syrup recipe. It's simple, quick and amaze-balls.



  • 1/2 cup Primo Rustic Cacao Pow

  • 1 1/2 cups filtered water

  • 1 cup of unrefined (or organic white) sugar

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1/2 tsp sea salt


  • Thermometer

  • Sauce Pan

  • Blender

  • Whisk


  1. Add sugar, vanilla and water to medium sauce pan and bring to a simmer until temperature of solution reaches 215-235 degrees (syrup temp). This will keep your syrup from crystallizing and stay as a syrup.

  2. Add your cacao powder and sea salt to syrup and whisk generously and heat until it reaches 230 degrees again.

  3. At this point I would transfer this syrup to a blender and blend until really smooth, but it is perfectly delicious in this rustic form. You may also add an additional 1/3 cup of coconut MCT oil to increase the glossiness and viscosity of the syrup while you are blending (but I wanted to keep the recipe simple for ya)

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