Includes a blend of our herbal therapy + single origin bars including: 1. Costa Rica Pura Vida Blend (65%) (Single Origin)1. Rayen Co-op, Tapachula, Mexico (75%) (Single Origin)1. Tree Hugger Chaga (75%) (Herbal Therapy)1. Sesame Lionsmane Dark Mylk (64%) (Herbal Therapy)1. Mountain Cardamom (65%) (Herbal Therapy)1. Spicy Mole Crisp (70%) (Herbal Therapy) What a great gift!! And as always, our bars are 100% vegan and packaging is 100% compostable. Donating $5 from each order to



    Schedule an appointment at our chocolate studio at the Mount Ida Preservation Association at 548 Congress Street or visit us Saturdays 8:30-3:30PM at Monument Square in downtown Troy! You may give us a call or send us an email for more info.


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