It's hot. We want to go hiking but want to keep our snacks cool, right? Introducing the never-before-seen Chocolate Utility Pouch. An impossibly possible collaboration between Zach Higgin (Logo sourcerer) Christin Ripley (Textile wizard) and David LYF (Embroidery magician) and ourselves (bringing the chocolate magic of course). Shipping and available for pick up next week. More info below 👇🏽 This completely hand-made + mind-designed rump sack, fanny pack, booty bag, chest pouch (w/e you wanna call it) is insulated on the inside with foam to prevent your body heat from melting its contents. Designed and simultaneously sewn and embroidered by Christin Ripley and David Lyf of LYF supply, each bag is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Only 8 made. Have fun and stay cool <3



    Schedule an appointment at our chocolate studio at the Mount Ida Preservation Association at 548 Congress Street or visit us Saturdays 8:30-3:30PM at Monument Square in downtown Troy! You may give us a call or send us an email for more info.


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