This bar is very special to both Jay and I (Oliver) and dear to our hearts. This bar is composed of cacao beans from three independently owned farms in Costa Rica (which is where we initially launched Primo Botanica). The beans come from Cocoa Ethika from Osa (the Champagne of cacao) a microlot of the esteemed "Coto Brus" from San Vito, Costa Rica and another micro lot from Daniel South, a grower in the Limon province of Costa Rica. An estate "blend" of cacao can be equated to a quality zinfandel. Sweetened with Costa Rican tapa dulce sugar, is an amazing representation of 100% "pura vida."


Ingredients: Cacao beans + cacao butter, tapa de dulce (unrefined sugar). 

COSTA RICA Pura Vida Estate Blend (60%) 2.1 Oz Bar

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