Lucuma? What a super cool fruit. Lucuma is known as "Gold of The Incas." It is a mango-like tree fruit that resembles the flavors of caramelized sweet potato fresh out of grandma's oven. It's got some interesting flan essences going on-- makes sense why it is coloqually known as "egg-fruit." 


The Gold of the Incas chocolate bar spawned from my cousin Jay's travels via motor-bike throughout Peru and Ecuador bringing small R&D-style refiners in his bike's cargo container. Coming back from one of his trips as a "chocolate ambassador," he was able to sneak in some rare Peruvian Mountain Sea Salt that sparkles with that ancient ocean brine. 


I decided to first speckle the surface of my chocolate molds with this salt infused with some organic Lucuma powder. The salt crystals do some really funky things to the surface of the bar: reminiscent of caves, speckled with multifaceted reflections of light and wonder- this bar is fun but it goes deep. 



A well-balanced pH broughtforth by alkaline coconut and acidic tropical fruity notes with a baseline creaminess that I haven't found in other sources of cacao. This is pretty wild since this bean is actually lower in fat content than many others I have experimented with.


-Ollie Wonka

Chocolate Maker

GOLD OF THE INCAS (Salt, Lucuma, Nibs)


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