We created this box to thank and energize all the loving parents, front-line workers and tireless protestors but also to highlight and support families that have lost important people to police brutality (read more below).
Included in this special box:
	SINGLE ORIGIN tasting 3-pack (Ecuador 75%, Costa Rica 60%, Guatemala 75%, single origin pure dark chocolate). 
	STACKS freshly roasted coffee Ecuador Finca La Bruhwer Loja Region (12 oz bag)

Who we are supporting through your purchase:
It's an important point to make that while yes, we are living in unprecedented times, for the many people in the world, living in uncertainty is nothing new. Each year countless black and brown families lose family members to violence and police brutality. Right here in Troy, several years ago Edson Thevenin was unjustifiably killed by the Troy PD Sgt Randall French. Two years later an internal probe found evidence contrary to what Sgt French stated about the incidence, unveiling the death of Thevenin was the result of unjustifiable force. You can read more about the incident and cover-up here: https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Internal-probe-concluded-Troy-police-sergeant-14298246.php
Since our mission from the beginning has been to support people through chocolate, $5 of each box sold will be going directly to Edson Thevenin's wife, Cinthia and her two young boys. A link to the campaign can be found here if you would prefer to donate directly:
Shipping and Pick-up Options:
All boxes with the "shipping" option will automatically include reusable ice packs to keep the chocolate from melting. We ask that you order by Wednesday June 16th in order to receive for Father's Day. You may order for local pick-up at Lizas's Of Troy starting Saturday June 13th. 
Thank you all for all that you do <3 or

LOVE POP | Coffee + Chocolate Bundle

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