Single Origin Alto Huayabamba, Peru


Buttery with a pungent kiss of banana-like tropical fruits and a luxurious nutty finish. 


Respect, equality, solidarity — these are the values of the Cooperativa Agraria Cacaotera Choba Choba (Co-op ACCC) in Peru. At Co-op ACCC cacao farmers set their own price, are actively engaged with developing their business, and want closer relationships with their buyers and end consumers. Their quest for community resilience, self-improvement, and local entrepreneurship is palpable. They believe “equity lives in true partnership” which is what makes them perfect collaborators for Yellow Seed’s new pilot project. Yellow Seed is working with Origin X Change, PBC as a service provider to facilitate the purchase. The pilot will support Co-op ACCC’s goal of expanding their agroforestry system, preserving biodiversity, ensuring food security, and increasing resilience to climate change.

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