A taste of the pre-colonial Americas. Each bar focuses on a different civilization: the Aztecs in Mexico, Incan civilization in Peru + Ecuador as well as the Mapuche natives of Southern Chile. Each ingredient (including the cacao beans and unrefined sugar) is sourced ethically from small-family farms and cooperatives in Central and South America. 



1 Gold of the Incas (Dark Chocolate (Alto Huayabamba, Peruvian Cacao, Colombian Panela), Lucuma, Cacao Nibs + Peruvian Sacred Valley Spring Salt)


1 Aztec Crackle (Dark Chocolate (Lachuá, Guatemalan Cacao, Colombian Panela) Toasted Amaranth, Costa Rican Spice Blend (Cinnamon, Chipotle, Black Pepper, Vanilla)


1 Shaman's PB+J (Oat Mylk Chocolate (FHIA Honduran Cacao, Colombian Panela, Sacha Inchi Protein Powder) Maqui White Chocolate (Camino Verde Cocoa Butter, Colombian Panela, Fair Trade Peruvian Maqui Berry powder, Costa Rican Vanilla). 



Pre-Colonial Series 3-Pack

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