Where the kid meets the adult in all of us; linking the past with the future: bringing the medicine to the party? Nostalgia, memories, sparkles. 



Guatemalan (Lachua) Dry Aged Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Sugar, Freeze Dried Rhubarb, Carbonated Sugar (sugar, lactose, corn syrup solids). 


Rhubarb was once used as medicine, and is now a food. Strawberry rhubarb pie? Rhubarb streusel, danish, tart? Uh yes please. This magical #firstfruit of the season is actually a vegetable. Putting vegetables in chocolate? Yeah that's something that we would do. We found that freeze-dried rhubarb made the best inclusion (ground in smoothly at the last minute). We chose to use vintage, 5-year aged cocoa beans from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala as the vessel for this bar. Fruity, smoked-barrel notes deliver the tart punch of Rhubarb synergistically <3 


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Highlighting the citric kiss of this juicy red vegetable, this bar has been enspeckled with Pop Rocks- making this truly a #journeyofthemouth. This effervescent tablet is a ride down memory line and a study in #foodasmedicine.


You should probably give it to your Mother. 

Rhubarb Soda

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