Tree Hugger Chaga


Mixed origin ethically sourced cocoa beans and cocoa butter, Riverside maple sugar (Glenmont, NY), Chaga mushroom powder (Oregon, USA). 


Miss Flower taught us the importance of befriending trees: they are literally the lungs of Earth. Each ingredient in this bar originated in bark: chaga from birch, sugar from maple and beans from Theobroma cacao. With a blend of earthy Nicaraguan and nutty Peruvian cacao, we wanted to highlight the smoky, caramel-quality of maple sugar and chaga–both of which are abundantly available in the Adirondacks. We added chaga for its rich supply of immune-boosting chemicals, thought to be effective in managing cancer-cells. So take a big, deep breath and go hug a tree: we all share the same roots!

Tree Hugger Chaga

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