4 Mushroom Allied Bars:


Tree Hugger Chaga Dark Chocolate (Esmeraldas Ecuadorian Cocoa beans & cocoa butter (75%), Colombian Panela) Inonotus obliquus extract (chaga mushroom) candied maple sugar from Riverside Maple Farm


Sesame Lioness Dark Chocolate ( Esmeraldas, Ecuadorian cocoa beans and butter (63%) unrefined cane sugar) White chocolate (Camino Verde, Ecuadorian cocoa butter, tahini, Colombian panela, full-spectrum Hericium erinaceus extract (lion's mane mushroom))


Mendocino Mylk Cap Sprouted Rice Mylk Chocolate (Alto Huayabamba, Peruvian cacao beans, Colombian panela, Sun Warrior sprouted rice protein, Nutiva coconut flour, Costa Rican vanilla). Wild harvested milk cap mushroom (candy cap). 


North West Cordycep Dark chocolate (Ecuadorian cocoa beans & cocoa butter (75%), unrefined organic sugar) cordyceps mushroom powder (crack-celled for maximum bio-availability), toasted pine nuts, wild-harvested pine pollen

Winter Solstice Mushroom Series 4-Pack

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