The first pour

November 10, 2017



It has been our joy to join the small group of chocolate producers and large community of chocolate enthusiasts in the Capital Region. The number of conscious people looking for connectivity, healthier options and transparent sourcing seems to be steadily increasing. 


Starting a bean to bar operation has been filled with the joy of tasting new varietal origins of cacao and the complexity of our global supply chain. Things easily get opaque in the chocolate world: it’s a difficult commodity to track. However, we among many other US producers are working diligently to change this paradigm by providing single origin chocolate. This blog is designed to appeal to those who are interested in cacao and its multi-faceted complexities and we intend to grow with you in this knowledge.


Each article and entry we produce is handcrafted and single-origin: just like the chocolate we make. WELCOME to the Cacao Club!


We’re all in this together,


Oliver W.


Chief Chocolate Source-erer


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